The original Nueva Texicana food truck
Affectionately dubbed the ‘Antonio Banderas’ of food trucks, Tex’s Tacos is nothing short of suavé – a fully equipped restaurant on wheels. Serving-up a delicious array of ‘Nueva Texicana’ eats with style and grace, we keep the good times rolling…literally. Spice up your day and embark on a friendly adventure to our taco trough.

Destiny must have ‘remembered the Alamo,” one starlit summer evening back in 2010, when long-time pals, Mac Helms and Harrison Jones, found themselves over a table in San Antonio. Washing down homemade tortillas with frozen margaritas at a local Tex-Mex haunt, the compadres vowed to put their money and passion for true Texas cooking where their mouths were. The result – the original ‘Nueva Texicana’ gourmet food truck.

“Nueva Texicana” is the style, which is a unique & exciting take on traditional Tex-Mex cuisine. In addition to serving only the best tasting tacos, Tex’s Tacos also features delicious quesadillas, loaded lime fries, and a whole lot more. The menu is carefully comprised of fresh, high-quality ingredients and packed with flavor.

Our food truck concept is quick-serve. All of our food is made fresh to order and fully customizable. Tex’s Tacos proudly boasts fine-dining quality food at affordable, fast-casual prices. Combining the simplicity of “Nueva Texicana” with a passion for Southern hospitality and grace, we guarantee three things at Tex’s Tacos: delicious food, fun times, & awesome service.

We’re on a mission to infuse joy and happiness into the community around us. Therefore, we treat each and every interaction as an opportunity to share a smile or laugh.